Building successful client relationships are the key to running an effective staffing agency. There are a few steps to take to ensure positive partnerships with your clients are built and maintained. Staffing agencies that practice these behaviors will be some of the most successful and profitable firms in the industry.

Choose clients wisely

Clients may be the most important aspect to maintain a successful business. With that in mind, you don’t want just any clients. A successful staffing agency needs trustworthy clients that will treat their employees well, both physically and mentally. As a staffing agency, if you’re sending your employees to bad clients over and over again it will affect your reputation. Additionally, if your employees get injured or harassed the legal fees can drive you out of business.

Streamline your recruiting process

A fast and easy recruiting process will bring you better clients. To stay organized, use a customer relationship management system [CRM] which will help you keep track of client applications and statuses. A CRM system will help you better communicate with clients which will increase your sales. These types of tools will also help you keep track of job applicants for easy contact when a new job is posted.

Treat applicants well

Even if you don’t hire someone, it’s important for your reputation that everyone is treated with equal respect. Referrals are important within the staffing industry and if someone feels they aren’t being treated fairly or with respect, they surely won’t refer any of their friends or family to your agency.

Pick a trustworthy internal staff

Hire employees that are talented, professional, have great personalities and attitudes, and are always flexible so they are able to deliver an exceptional experience for your clients. Once you get these types of people on board, treat them well so they don’t ever think of leaving.

Collect and respond to client feedback

Keep track of client feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. If it’s positive, use it to your agency’s benefit on your website and social media. If it’s negative, reach out to the client and see what you can do to satisfy them. It’s important for your reputation that the necessary steps are taken to improve any negative experiences. Client feedback can be easily collected for free via Google forms and SurveyMonkey.

Share success stories

Client success stories posted on your website and social media accounts will help bring in clients who are on the fence about hiring your staffing agency. It’s estimated that at least 18 percent of clients read reviews of staffing firms online before hiring them. Some ways to collect client testimonials include surveys, video testimonials and case studies. Identify your top clients and solicit their stories that you can share.

Staffing agencies are all about connecting people. In the case of legal staffing agencies, they help law firms grow and lawyers find work. It’s a win-win scenario that is great for recognising rising talent and pairing the right people with the right firm.

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