In this day and age, everyone is on social media. Social media has become a part of people’s and business’s everyday lives all around the world. From keeping in touch with family members to looking for jobs, social media use is widespread. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the platforms that are most beneficial to staffing agencies for recruiting, awareness or any other purpose. So why should your staffing agency use social media regularly?

  1. Increase website traffic

Social media increases the number of visitors to your website every day, as long as you are sharing interesting content. If you’re wondering about Social Media Agency Pricing, visit who have lots of information that could help. Staffing agencies should post recruiting videos and blog content to their social channels at least weekly. Without social media, your website traffic is limited to visitors who are already familiar with your agency. Instagram is a good way to go, on fact there are tools out there that earn you more followers and subsequently more attention. These could be tools like Upleap, or even an Upleap alternative, Kicksta. You need to be wary when using these, it is recommended to read reviews online first so you know the pros and cons of each. You just need to get your website out there and in the open because once someone is interested in your content, they’re more likely to want more information and will visit your website. Alongside posting content frequently, focus on getting other social users to interact with you. The more people talking about you on Facebook or Twitter, the more brand awareness you’ll gain. So make sure you contact a social media agency if you are looking to grow your digital brand today.

  1. Higher Authority

Interacting with social media followers regularly is a good tactic for potential employees who are looking to join your agency. The fact that you’re open with your candidates and active on social media will encourage others to want to be a part of your staffing agency. Active and relatable social media accounts reflect positively on the culture of your company and built trust flow. Social media profiles also open the door for two-way communication between candidates and the staffing agency. They can ask any questions or voice concerns before coming in for an interview, which can save everyone time if it’s not the right fit.

  1. Social media can lower marketing costs

Social media does not take up a lot of time. Staffing agencies can devote as little as one hour per day to social media while still seeing positive results. If you want to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn’s paid advertising services, these are often inexpensive as well. If you are receiving exceptional results, you may even decide to cut down on other types of marketing efforts and focus solely on social media.

  1. Your competition is most likely doing it

Chances are, your competitors are on social media. Whether they’re active or not shouldn’t be a big concern. If you’re frequently updating your social media and they are not, you’re a step ahead! There are not many businesses who don’t have social media pages. Even if you don’t have the time to update daily, some sort of presence is highly recommended. It can be an instant turn-off for a candidate who searches an agency on social media and comes up with no results. This speaks to the culture of the business as well as the willingness to use and keep up with changing technology. Staffing agencies can also see what their competition is doing by looking at their social media profiles. You can compare your strategies and learn how to stay ahead.

To best decide which platform would work best for your staffing agency, do some research and find out which social media outlets your target audience is using. Once you decide on one or more platforms, create your content and post often. Along with posting regularly, it’s important to be active with other profiles similar to you on your social channels. Maintain activity by sharing influencer posts, liking pages and posting content that’s not always directly related to your business. Maybe your audience is interested in nurse staffing, so it’s helpful that you post updates and news about the nurse staffing world.

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